7 Best Yoga Shoes

In the life of a sportsman, the type of workout attire he/she uses enhances skills and performance. Yoga may not necessarily be a game, but it’s no different.

Although most yoga programs are performed barefoot, there are some exceptions where shoes can be used. There are shoes that are specifically meant to serve the yogini community and have been proven to be indispensable yielding positive results.

Therefore, come summer season, you have the opportunity to take your yoga practices outdoors with no worries that you will end up being hurt provided you make sure your footwear is proper.
With an increasing number of yoga enthusiasts, the number of shoe manufacturers is also exploding. 

There are countless types of yoga shoes; so, choosing the right design tends to be tedious. But after serious research, choosing the right yoga shoe has been made easier, as you only need to know the following key features: 

  • Cushion and aesthetic
  • Overall support and flexibility
  • Proper grip
  • Breathability fabric

Below are our seven best yoga shoes fit for any form of yoga in which your choice depends entirely on your taste and your specific preferences.


The Shusox yoga shoe is one of a kind. It has a waterproof option that leaves your feet feeling as if you are wearing socks. It’s an excellent choice for any yoga to die hard. It has a form fit that guarantees maximum comfort, therefore, it can be used in any level of yoga. 

The outsole has treads that are there to resist any slip. It also has a breathable fabric which combats moisture build-ups on your feet.
It is uniquely durable as it is made of a material that is able to withstand a test of time even after being constantly “abused”.

Fitskicks active footwear

The Fitkicks yoga shoes are the perfect package when a summer season kicks in. Wearing them on the beach will give you zero worries about stickers, rocks or any other form of harm to your feet.
They are also appealing to your eyes thanks to the appealing design. Plus they dry quickly thereby guaranteeing you a smooth session on the beach.
They have a Flexform sole that helps in swift movement and support.

Vibram Alitza Loop

The Vibram Alitza Loop is a very good pair of shoes for yoga enthusiasts. It is very flexible and serves a lot of comfort, thus, it can be used in different categories of yoga practices. It has tough treads that make it easier for yogis to stay firm, irrespective of the surface.
The shoe fits the whole footwell, including the toes just like hand gloves. This gives the users the natural, almost-barefoot feel.

NBERA 2econdskin

Are you a yoga fanatic looking for a bit of a fashion taste? The NBERA 2econdskin is a perfect match for you. It comes in 12 different colors that you can choose from, depending on your taste and mood.

As its title name suggests, this yoga shoe interacts with your body motion or involves a natural feeling (second skin) while keeping the feet clean during yoga practice areas.
Moreover, the NBERA shoe is made of a durable material that doesn’t inflict blisters on your feet.

CIOR Barefoot

You can enjoy fundamental yoga styles with these shoes as they provide a low profile covering of the feet and are extremely comfortable and breathable.
These shoes provide sufficient comfort on your feet while maintaining a barefoot sensation. This enables yogis to execute all styles in their programs with a lot of ease.
The Cior barefoot shoes come in different styles, colors, and even patterns, therefore, you can easily find the one that fully appeals to your eyes.

Women’s VI-S Fitness and Yoga Shoe

It is a hybrid design that can serve two purposes. It can be worn as a stylish walking shoe and as a cross-trainer.
It has a good-looking mesh cover which is made of durable material to make your vinyasa session seamless. 

NuFoot Betsy Lou

The NuFoot Betsy Lou is lightweight, comfy, and flexible shoes that give you a barefoot feeling while worn. They are super cute shoes, therefore, adding bliss to your collection.
The shoes are super-lightweight and thin that you may forget you are wearing something on. This comes with a lot of benefits as you can do any yoga stage without discomfort.

In conclusion

Yoga is founded on the principles of being comfortable. Wearing uncomfortable yoga shoes flies in the face of this principle. You wouldn’t be comfortable practicing your sessions while on the other hand, the shoes are pinching you to the last toe. Therefore finding the right yoga shoe to protect you against germs, injuries and muscle soreness is like winning a lottery.

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