How to fit Physical Activity in on Vacation

Vacations are meant to be relaxing and a break from your normal routine of work, social engagements, and workouts. While you may want to just cut back completely and spend your vacation on a beach chair drinking margaritas, it might be nice to fit in a couple of gentle workouts to keep the balance in check. Plus, it feels good just to move sometimes. It can be hard to find time to fit in a workout while on a vacation, especially if you’re with a big group that is constantly on the go. So, here are some suggestions for how to fit in a short workout while on vacation.

Suggest an activity for the whole group 

If you’re with a large group of people try suggesting a group walk or hike. This gives everyone an opportunity to spend time together and gives you the opportunity to get your body and metabolism going. Food also becomes the center of socialization sometimes and we overindulge, a hike or walk is a healthier way to catch up.

Participate in a class 

Many resorts and hotels will offer classes and facilities to their patrons. Take advantage of an aerobic pool class since you will probably be lying next to it anyway! If there’s a gym nearby try going for a quick run or walk on the treadmill as you walk down to breakfast.

Pack small equipment  

If you do your research on where you’re going, and you discover there are no options for physical activity, you can possibly bring your own. Small items like a resistance band or jump rope fit easily amongst your items and weigh next to nothing. Packing these will make it easy to get a quick strength or cardio workout in. 

Count your steps  

Set a goal each day for the number of steps you want to take and try to stick to it. If you notice you’ve been sitting a while, try and get up and move to a different location or just take a stroll on the beach, lake, or city wherever you are. This will help keep you active and your step count up!

Choose healthy options

If you can’t find room for more physical activity in your day, try choosing some healthy options at your meals. Obviously enjoy yourself and indulge a little bit but try adding a fruit or vegetable to your plate to keep getting some nutrition in.

A vacation is meant to be enjoyed, try not to worry or focus on keeping up with your health and exercise regimen. Do what feels right for you, whether that be doing something physical every day, just once, or not at all. It is not required to work out each day these are just some suggestions to fit one in if you’re interested. Our bodies require rest as much as they require physical activity and a trip or even a “staycation” is a great opportunity to allow that. I hope you enjoy these suggestions! How do you fit some physical activity in while you’re on vacation?

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