2 Crucial Tips for Selecting the Right Workout Clothes

With all of the options available from yoga fashion manufacturers, purchasing new clothes requires a lot more consideration that it did in the past. Styles range from traditional to more modern with every phase in between. The selection of workout clothes available is overwhelming. Imagine choosing from high waist Capri leggings, black yoga leggings, crop tops, oversized sweatshirts, and yoga pants. It’s nearly impossible to make a quick decision.

Purchasing workout clothes is a very personal decision, and there are no one-size-fits-all answers. Instead, a few general guidelines exist to help you purchase clothing that fits you well and allows you to practice safely and comfortably. 

What are the two crucial tips that every yogi needs to know before they purchase more workout clothing?

The Ease of Your Movement Should be a Priority

No matter what style of yoga you practice, you will need to be able to move through the various asanas or poses. It requires a fairly wide range of motion so all of your clothing items should be able to comfortably accommodate that movement. All workout clothing for yogis should allow you to breathe freely and stretch in almost every direction. Leggings should allow for great movement in the hips and throughout the leg, while tops should provide good coverage for bending, twisting, and stretching.

When you try on clothing in the dressing room or at home, try to move through a few poses that test the stretch of the fabric. A quick warrior II pose or even a lotus pose will allow you to see how far the pants will allow you to stretch. If you have space in the dressing room, you can test tops for flexibility by practicing wheel pose, a quick inversion, and an overhead stretch like standing crescent pose.

Safety is a Crucial Element of Your Practice

While the movement allowed by your outfit is certainly critical, safety is of the utmost importance when you step on the mat. This particularly applies to oversized clothing which can extend well past the point where it is safe. Long-sleeve workout tops, yoga pants or ankle-length yoga leggings, or oversized sweatshirts can all cause problems if they are too large for your frame.

Pants that cover any portion of your heel – even if they happen to just slip there throughout the practice – pose a serious safety concern. This prevents your foot from gripping the mat appropriately and can cause muscle strain when your stance shifts wider than you can comfortably tolerate.

Shirts pose a similar threat when the sleeves extend to cover any portion of the palm. Even in a very basic pose such as the downward-facing dog, shielding the palms from the mat without any sort of grip can cause you to slip quickly and cause injury.

There aren’t many crucial elements to selecting a workout outfit for your yoga practice apart from personal style preferences. Movement and safety are the two most important considerations because they can hinder your practice and cause concerns for your safety. Be sure to test all potential clothing items before purchase to ensure they’re the right fit for you.

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