What To Wear In Yoga Class

Finally, you are tired of sitting on the sidelines watching as others get fit. Day in, day out you had been indecisive on what steps you should take. You watched as your next door neighbors started taking yoga classes, silently observing how they are changing and finally deciding to join the train at long last. The next question bugging your mind is where you will start, what type of clothing is expected, and what you must have. Worry not. In the next 5 minutes, we are going to demystify what one should wear in a yoga class.

Yoga is a physical exercise that involves constant interaction with the external environment, including a series of movements meant to achieve a given tangible goal. It requires flexibility, focus, rhythmic breathing, and movements. Any yoga training session must be utilized to the maximum. It, however, cannot be achieved when one is not in the right type of clothing. We find ourselves being out of tune with others, feeling uncomfortable, rigid, and immobile in doing the most basic forms of movements.

Therefore, yoga attire must be comfortable. While this sounds easy, you may be surprised to find out how difficult it is to choose the right type of comfortable clothing that suits you. Both genders should wear clothes that enable them to have complete control of their body movement and those that they can easily stretch in. The clothes should also be light enough to ensure unnecessary sweating. The tops for both genders should also ensure free movements and only exposing parts of your body you are comfortable with.

It is also recommended that women wear leggings and capris or even Harem pants. Those in advanced classes mostly wear harem pants, but as a beginner, one can also decide to wear this type of clothing. The leggings and the capris must be comfortable and able to facilitate movements. Tank tops can also be worn. They promote cooling off and flexibility, and therefore, increases the overall feel-good experience of yoga.

Both genders may decide to wear or not to wear gloves and socks. It is solely dependent on individuals. It is, however, good to note that in some circumstances, it is recommended to wear gloves, socks, or sometimes both to ensure your safety.

To conclude, one should be able to wear what he/she feels comfortable in and conforms to the codes and ethics of the gym they are training in. In case of queries, one should consult with the trainer before deciding to get an idea of what he/she recommends.

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